What are the school's hours?

  • Children are required to be at school by 8.30am
  • School starts at 8.50am and ends at 2.50am

I need to take my children home early. Can I do this?

For safety reasons children must be signed out if they are leaving school early. You can collect a form from the school office, this must be handed to your child’s teacher.

What do I need to bring along when I enrol my child?

If your child was born in New Zealand you will need the following documents:

  • New Zealand Birth Certificate
  • Immunisation details
  • Proof of Address

If your child was not born in New Zealand you will need the following documents:

  • All Passports of family members (Child, Mother, Father)
  • All relevant visas (Student, Visitor, Work etc)
  • Immunisation details
  • Proof of Address

How can I support the school?

Our Friends of the School (FOTS) group is made up of WRS staff and parent volunteers. Anyone can be part of FOTS, however it is overseen by the Principal. The team’s main focus is to provide resources for our learners that will enhance their learning or learning space. This is done mostly through community engagement, funding applications and fundraising. You can email if you require further information.

Can I come into the school to help and how is this organised?

There are a number of initiatives that we gladly welcome parent/whānau support with, these include Friends of the School (FOTS), Garden to Table (GTT), Walking School Bus, Cultural Groups, Choir etc.

How am I able to find out about my child's progress at school?

You can email your child’s classroom teacher at any time to arrange a meeting to talk about your child’s learning. You will also see regular updates from your child and your child’s teacher on Seesaw (our online learning portfolio).

What are the arrangements if my child becomes sick at school?

If your child falls sick at school they will be sent to the sick bay. They will be assessed by staff or our health nurse and should they be to unwell fo rschool we will call their pimary caregiver (please make sure we have the correct emergency contact numbers).

What should I do if my child is going to be absent from school?

Please ring the school office on (09) 276 7241 or use the Report Absence function on our website.

Who can I talk to about my concerns and worries about my child?

In the first instance you can contact your child’s teacher, they will support you with your concerns and worries and refer you to other services/people who may be able to help.

Does the school have a school uniform and where can this be purchased?

You can purchase our school uniform from:


NZ Uniforms 

5/20 Lambie Dr, Manukau, Auckland 2104

09-950 6747


The Uniform Shop/SAS Sport

1 Ronwood Ave, Manukau, Auckland 2104

(09) 250 1130

As a parent, how do I make an appointment to speak with the Principal?

You can pop into our school office to make an appointment or email