Wymondley students learning how to read
Wymondley students learning to read with teacher
Wymondley student learning how to write

We value the role parents play in their child’s lives and their life long learning journey. We encourage families to enjoy their family time with their children. In addition to this, there are some ways you can support your children with their learning:

  • Reading – we strongly recommend children read every night.
  • Oral language – enjoy a conversation about a range of topics e.g. favourite food, what they want to be when you grow up, what they like about their friends
  • Mathletics – an online maths programme with tasks for children to work through (this is available for children from Grade 3-6)
  • Seesaw – teachers and children will post regularly to their online portfolio. Read through this with your child and ask them question.
  • Science – make jelly, use baking soda and vinegar to make a chemical reaction.

Your child’s teacher will also have some ideas on how you can support your child’s learning. You can contact your child’s classroom teacher via Seesaw or email them to arrange a time to meet.