AH LAM, Dominica

KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20160331133607

My teacher Miss Ah Lam is pretty and she helps us with our writing and reading. Sometimes she takes us to the library to read more books. My teacher is awesome because she can play the piano and she has a beautiful voice.

Blurb by: Azariah Rau,  5 years old.

Art by,:  Ethan Kaisala, 6 years old.








FIRTH, Teagan

KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20150902152151Miss Firth is a great, bubbly and loving teacher. She teaches us great strategies about Maths. She is a kind and caring teacher because she wants us to do our best in school. Miss Firth makes us laugh with her hilarious jokes. You are awesome Miss Firth.

Blurb by: Mokeni Mokeni,  11 years old.

Art by,:  Rys Manu, 10 years old.








KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20160331133551

Whaea Jo is a fun teacher. She gives us homework to take home and learn. She shows us how to be a good friend inside class.

Blurb by: Matthew Paulo Nu’u, 5 years old.

Art by: Maria Fakavai, 7 years old.









KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20150902151708Mrs Landells is a kind and loving teacher. She is always helpful by showing us fun ways to improve our writing and reading. Mrs Landells has a beautiful smile when she greets the class and is always encourging us to do our best.

Blurb by: Desiree Leiataua, 9 years old.

Art by: Nisi Teofilo, 9 years old.








KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20150902152027Eseta is very helpful because she reads with me and test me with my words. She helps me do my work so I can do well in school.

Blurb by: Filimone Noa, 8 years old.

Art by: Lasa Tongia, 9 years old.








MACHEE, Evelyn: Assistant Principal

KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20150902152133Miss Machee is a fantastic teacher in Whetu because she always helps me with my work. When we are good and complete our work she buys us lunch. Miss Machee has taught me to use my courtesy words all the time. She has helped me this year in reading, writing and maths. I really enjoy having Miss Machee as my teacher because she is caring, beautiful and she uses kind words when she speaks to us.

Blurb by: Darius Wright-Edser, 9 years old.

Art by: Fortay Mauga, 9 years old.






McQUOID, Pearl

KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20150902152046Mrs McQuoid is a beautiful and kind lady. She organises the school enrolments and notices. Mrs McQuiod is always happy and greets our visitors and parents with a smile.

Blurb by: Israel Christy, 10 years old.

Art by: Rys Manu, 10 years old.








KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20150902152007Ivan is our school caretaker that looks after our school and keeps it tidy. He is caring because he gives us treats when we help him plant trees in our school.

Blurb by: Kelepi Tupou, 10 years old.

Art by: Rys Manu, 10 years old.








MITCHELL, Elizabeth

KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20150902151747Liz helps me with my reading. She also helps me learn my words for the week.

Blurb by: Ngatokorima Charlie, 5 Years old.

Art by: Nisi Teofilo, 9 years old.







NELI, Annie

KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20150902151812Aunty Annie is our office lady who answers important phone calls. She welcomes our visitors with a smile. Aunty Annie does the photocopying for the teachers.

Blurb by: Charleeh Blu-Bagby, 9 years old.

Art by: Elijah Elia, 11 years old.







PETELO, Fleur: Principal

KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20150908161535Mrs Petelo is our lovely Deputy Principal. She is always helpful by encouraging the leadership team to complete their assignment. Mrs Petelo is caring because she always offers her help even though she is a very busy lady.

Blurb by: Eleinna Fakavai, 10 years old.

Art by: Rys Manu, 10 years old.









KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20160331133621

I like my teacher Whaea Trena because she helps me with my writing. She helps me read so I can move up a level in reading. She is beautiful.

Blurb by: Deva Perese, 6 years old.

Art by: Lesa Ainu’u, 7 years old.







RU, Bronwyn: Englsih Language Assistance

KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20150902151904Bronwyn is helpful throughout the school with art, sports trips and the library. She always gives up her time to help the students in their writing and reading. She is a very good artist where she has helped children design murals for our school. Bronwyn is a fantastic teacher.

Blurb by: Rys Manu, 10 years old.

Art by: Fortay Mauga, 9 years old.








WILLS, Robyn


KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20170208142426


Miss Wills teach us writing especially poetry. She takes the class out to play sports around teamwork – by learning each others names. Miss Wills is awesome because she is always happy and is positive about her students in her class.


Blurb by: Natasha Tuuga, 9 years old.

Art by: Eliah Tasmania, 10 years old.






KMBT_C454 C45400558 Wymondley School-20150902151641


Ms William is a beautiful teacher. She helps us in our learning. Ms William helps us in our reading so we can move up a level. She loves to do Zumba with us and she is very good.

Blurb by: Lote Tupou, 6 years old.

Art by: Rys Manu, 10 years old.








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